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Robert Gunter to present at the Raising the Bar Conference

Robert Gunter, President of BlueOps, Inc., was selected to facilitate a session workshop during the Maryland Workforce Association’s annual Raising the Bar conference. The conference will be held on September 12th through 14th at the Live! Casino and Hotel at Arundel Mills in Hanover, Maryland.

We look forward to connecting with our workforce development colleagues at the conference!

Our Workshop Session: Employee Retention Strategies for Government Agencies and Non-Profits

Workshop Details:

Experiencing staff burn-out and high turnover at your agency? While salary increases and cash bonuses may not be in the toolbox for your organization, let’s explore other strategies for retaining valued team members. We will look at tactics to improve employee engagement, ways to show appreciation and celebrate successes, foster a sense of employee ownership and inclusiveness, team building, and ways to help staff improve their work/life balance. We will present a variety of strategies, tools, case studies, best practices and low-cost perks that can help make the difference between loosing and keeping staff. This workshop is designed for managers, administrators, and leaders but is open to all participants.

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